A Typical Day at Aksharnandan

If you wander into our school one day, as you are always welcome to, here is what you may see

Our walls speakanimal

The walls of the scool are alive with children's work: a list of questions they asked the friendly bank manager, sketches of the houses they saw from the top of the hill, a child's description of how it felt to get soaked in the rain, colorful handkerchiefs showing off newly acquired skills of hemming....

A leafy lesson..

Class 2 is busy sorting the leaves they have collected. Each group is sorting them in their own way - long leaves and round ones, spotted leaves and plain ones, single leaves and compound ones. The class have found 18 ways to classify them.

  Research made real
  After a visit to vegetable market, the little kindergarden children are engaged in making pictographs of their favorite vegetables. Potato usually top the list.


Looking inward

Class 1 is sitting quietly for a minute before saying a small prayer, today in Gujarati.

Growing minds...craft

Class 5 is in the school's little field.  One group is getting ready for sowing  wheat , while other collects kitchen waste from the neighbouring houses  to feed the earthworm in compost pit.