N. G. Naralkar Foundation

The Foundation was established in the memory of N. G. Naralkar, to promote innovation in formal and non-formal education in Maharashtra. N. G. Naralkar is remembered for his inspiring and resourceful leadership as principal of NMV, a renowned school in Pune. During a short span of six years, he freed education from the narrow confines of textbook and classroom learning. Sprit of Swadeshi and swabhasha were at the core of his education enterprise.

Since inception in 1989, the Foundation has initiated in-service teacher's camps to broaden their vision, to equip them to give value-based education. Since 1992, Aksharnandan has been its major activity. Future plans envisages the Foundation as a Centre for Alternatives, promoting innovative ideas not just in education but also in other areas such as food, health and enviornment.

Board of Trustees

Shri S.S.Marathe (Chairperson), ex-Executive Director, IMF; ex-Chief Secretary, Ministry of Industries, GoI; ex-Chairman SICOM Maharashtra.

Shri Pramod Naralkar, a graduate from IIT, Post-graducation from Duke University, U.S.A. Currently heads a Company involved in Construction and Real Estate Development in Pune.

Shri P.K.Garde, retd. Chief, Readers Services Division, Dag Hammarskjold Library; United Nations, New York.

Smt Kusum Naralkar, Freedom fighter, active in the field of women's upliftment; has been on the managing committees of renowned schools.

Dr. Anuradha Naralkar, M.D. in Paediatrics, runs her own hospital in Pune.

Smt. Vidya Patwardhan (Honorary Secretary), M.A. (Anthropology), M.Phil. (Sociology of Education), has conducted a number of research studies before assuming overall responsibility of Aksharnandan and the Foundation's activities. Founder member of enviornmental group in Pune.