Education for what 

Humanscale education needs schools that are small and firmly anchored in their communities, integrating the classroom with the world outside. N.G. Naralkar Foundation’s Aksharnandan is one such school. The Foundation was established in 1989 in the memory of N.G. Naralkar, to promote innovation in formal and non-formal education in Maharashtra.

PlayEducation is a process to awaken intelligence, not merely intellect, to cultivate independence of mind and to inculcate values to help children grow into wholesome, productive, creative and responsible human being

Today’s education has been reduced to a competitive, career-oriented system, with undue emphasis on rote-learning and mindless examination. Schools have become large, loveless establishments, offering little contact between pupils and teachers, between schools and society.

About School

work Aksharnandan was started in Pune in 1992 by a group of people as reaction to the educational system in place that focused so much on competition and exam oriented rote-learning. The people in this group believed that education is the process to actualize their vision of a society and an individual in this society.

It is a Government Recognized non-aided school from K.G. to X with just 40 students in each class with no divisions. The school has consciously accepted the formal framework of State Board Examination (S.S.C.) and follows the curriculum recommended by the Government.

However within this framework Aksharnandan has adopted innovative practices to make the curriculum relevant and linked to actual life. It strongly believes that real education is that which connects the children to the society.