Aksharnandan needs your support

Aksharnandan is an attempt to create a fertile learning environment within the mainstream education system. In order to create this space for ourselves, it is vital to maintain our financial independence.

You can help by donating for a building fully equipped with, to mention a few...


  • Library where children and teachers can explore the world of boooks
  • A laboratory where observation and experimentation spur the spirit of enquiry
  • An adventure playground that uses recycled material.
  • A workshop to impart practical skills

Donors of Rs 50,000 or more will be acknowledged as patrons of Aksharnandan.

You can also help by sponsoring a child at Rs. 12,000 per year.

You can help by sponsoring child's entire period of schooling for Rs. 1,00,000 [ Rs 10000 for 12 years ].

You can help by donating to the Teacher's fund which provides an oppurtunities for teachers to grow in understanding.

Your donations will be building block of Aksharnandan. Even 1% of your annual income will go a long way in creating commited individuals working towards a just and humane society.

Your valued cheque may be drawn in favour of 'N G Naralkar Foundation'. Donations to the foundation are exempted under under Income Tax Act 80G Rule.

Things will be different, if we are not indifferent