We Believe in ...

allIntegration of children with varied abilities and socio-economic backgrounds.

Commitment to excellence

The school is committed to excellence but not in a narrow sense. The focus is not on coaching a select few – ‘the star performers’, all children are given an exposure to all activities considered essential educational experience, be it swimming or participation in the Annual Day function.

Fostering Eco-sensibility and social equality.

The school tries to create an environment for children which induce sensitivity towards being a responsible citizen.

Spirit of co-operation

The aim is to free education from the prevalent competitive ethos, encouraging co-operative learning.

Combining academic excellence with practical skills

Academic studies are interwoven with productive activities such as farming, cooking and craft work.

Self learning and self discipline

Children are encouraged to freely question, to be bold and inquiring, to express themselves spontaneously, but always with self-discipline and responsible.

Learning through the vernacular

A truly ‘Universal’ mind can grow, we believe, only when it strikes strong roots in the indigenous soil. Knowledge acquired through the vernacular can alone become an organic part of the learner’s personality.